A Better Future World with EnergyCorp Global

for clean limitless natural powers


We empower clients with strategic wisdom and insights backed by the planning expertise to capture business opportunities in a manner where profits and cash flow are sustainable at all times.


We have a team of experienced associate partners whose expertise cash flow, financial and investment planning which are essential components for the success of any business and project. 


We have a global partnership network of reliable assets and resources over the entire value chain of the industry. 


In project management, we provide technical advice and direction to clients to ensure that project goals and timeline are met and tasks completed with excellent quality and delivered in the most efficient manner within the bounds of the project constraints.

Renewable Energy Value Integrator

Our Company 

In response to the inconvenient truth of global climatic implosion, energycorp global was created from the vision of a brave new world with an abundant energy future where one and all would have access to the clean and limitless natural powers around us.

We embrace a natural partnership with the environment to bridge the nexus between sustainability and profitability to make them our twin business goals.

We encourage new value innovations to harness renewable natural energy, and deploy technologies in clean, cost effective alternative energy methods.

“for a better future society”

Together, we shall travel your sustainable business excellence journey with social responsibility.


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The Natural Business Purpose

A business that makes nothing but money is a poor kind of business 

Henry Ford

The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer 

Peter Drucker

“Noting various changes over the past decade in the concept of corporate social responsibility, EnergyCorp Global is determined to promote CSR on our own effort, and continue to contribute toward social development by creating quality goods and services, while taking the ethical aspects of our activities into full account.”

Dr. Michael Heng

President & CEO
EnergyCorp Global