Our Role

EnergyCorp Global is the Renewable Energy Value Integrator

We are the value integrator in the global renewable energy industry.   Clients are enriched and empowered by our interlocking roles as their consultant, investor, suppliers and project manager.


As management and business consultants, we empower clients with strategic wisdom and insights backed by the planning expertise to capture business opportunities in a manner where profits and cash flow are sustainable at all times.   We provide with our partners the following services for all stakeholders:

  • Corporate strategy and strategic scenario planning
  • Strategic human resource management and development
  • Project evaluation and economic analysis
  • Workplace organization and management
  • Seed and capital funding arrangements
  • Intellectual property protection


Cash flow, financial and investment planning are essential components for the success of any business.   Our experienced associate partners provide the following services:

  • International financing solutions
  • Trade and project financing solutions
  • Cash management solutions
  • Venture financing solutions
  • Risk management


We have a global partnership network of reliable assets and resources over the entire value chain of the industry.   In business and projects, we can assure and ensure the best quality of products and services to clients, and deliver them on time in a reliable manner.   Our teams of technical and logistic experts provide the following products and services:

  • Power generation equipment & machinery
  • Communication and management systems
  • Control and monitoring system
  • Components and accessories
  • Cables and connections


Project Manager

In project management, we provide technical advice and direction to clients to ensure that project goals and timeline are met and tasks completed with excellent quality and delivered in the most efficient manner within the bounds of the project constraints.

As the person accountable, we ensure the project objectives to be met; which follow the exact needs of our clients.

  • Project pre-planning and technical specifications
  • Resource planning and mobilization
  • Manpower sourcing and deployment
  • Project documentation and quality assurance
  • Cash-flow and budget management
  • Excellent project management
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