About Us


In response to the inconvenient truth of impending global climatic implosion, EnergyCorp Global was created in 2009 from the vision of a brave new world with an abundant energy future where one and all would have access to the clean and limitless natural powers around us.    We support unique value innovations to harness renewable natural energy and deploy developing technologies in clean, cost-effective alternative energy methods.   We embrace a natural partnership with the environment to bridge the nexus between sustainability and profitability to make them our twin business goals.

Founders Michael Heng and James Hong first met at the Singapore Nanyang Technological University and have been involved in various international humanitarian missions to Timor Leste, Nias Island (Indonesia) and Pakistan to see and experience first-hand the needs, especially for energy, of countless man, woman and child in their daily struggles just to survive.   With EnergyCorp Global, Associate Professor Michael Heng from the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and James Hong, a Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering graduate, resolved to create and integrate value for investors, clients, customers and partners by empowering energy providers and users to better manage waste, reduce cost and minimize environmental impact as we nurture a better future society with unlimited, affordable energy.

EnergyCorp Global aims to be the unique renewable energy value integrator providing complete consultancy services, manpower and technologies for clean energy projects.  With our partners, we will invest, supply, build, operate and maintain clean renewable energy installations around the world from power generation to the power grid.  Always mindful of our corporate social responsibilities, we would also be educating and promoting environmental awareness and habits for a more sustainable world.