Earth Care Award


Earth Care Award


Dr Michael Heng Swee-Hai 


Energycorp Global Pte Ltd


“For his leadership of business enterprises and social organisations whose climate friendly practices promote replicable initiatives on energy efficiency improvements, natural resource conservation, development and promotion of innovative eco-friendly alternatives for sustainable development.”



Dr Michael Heng puts sustainability at the heart of his business.  He envisions a brave new world with an abundant clean and limitless renewable energy future for all. Over the decade following 2001, he spearheaded tripartite social dialogue in Vietnam to introduce modern industrial relations (IR) as the International HRM Consultant for the UN International Labor Organization. The IR Project was later integrated with the Comprehensive Poverty Reduction and Growth Strategy (CPRGS) of the World Bank for Vietnam.  He was personally involved in a low-carbon eco-City Industrial Park in Hangzhou (China) and advises on sustainable cities as well as quality education, drawing on his tenure as Associate Professor with the Singapore Nanyang Technological University.


As a Sustainability Advisor, he was invited together with other international experts to the inaugural Hanwang Forum, which was created after the 2008 Szechuan earthquake, to form a permanent platform for collaborative action through transformative projects impacting the economy, the environment and society in China and globally for a sustainable, ethical and resilient society. Dr Michael Heng was recognised on the National Day 2002 Honours List and awarded the Public Service Medal for community service by the President of Singapore.


On different occasions, he has also received the Global CSR Leadership Award, the CSR Leadership Excellence Award and was also conferred the 2012 CSR Leadership Award. His Blue Leadership model embraces a natural partnership culture with the environment to bridge the nexus between sustainability and profitability to make them his twin business goals. Dr Michael Heng believes that embedding sustainability with economic value creation re-wires the business ecosystem by creating stakeholders’ value, build safer environment, healthy ecosystems and a stronger community.



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